Hi, I'm Dafna and I am your body's interpreter.

Whether you are a new or expectant mom, a person with pain, chornic health issues that are not resolving, or just feel stuck in life - you're in the right place.

My work is to instill self-love, self-understanding, and self-compassion in each and every person I meet, so then it rolls over to their families and kids, teaching them to love themselves. 


Peace and harmony are very important to me, and this translates into my work perfectly. Our bodies are demanding that we look inward a lot more often then we do. They signal to us that something is not ideal. The longer we ignore it, or keep trying to find an outside sources to blame, the more we suffer. I'm here to give your body a voice so you can experience more peace and harmony within yourself.  I am here so that you feel completely supported, heard and equipped to address whatever comes your way!

I'm a mother of two younglings, wife to a wonderful husband, a BodyTalk & BodyIntuitive Practitioner, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy Provider, and New Parent Educator.


I've worked with hundreds of parents since 2009 to guide them through the wonderful, yet (very) challenging first months with baby. I help them understand how babies are designed to move and how they can support the incredible flow of development and give their baby the best start in life.

I've also worked with people of all ages and at the end of every session they feel lighter, more positive, and symptoms often dissolve for good. 

Working in this way is healing for me as well. Shifting out of stuckness and pain is readily available. This is one (very effective) way in.



I work with people of all ages, including infants, and my specialty is working with expectant and new moms.


I work with people who:

  • Are ready to give their body a voice;

  • Are open to alternative ways of healing;

  • Want to resolve pain, once and for all, be it physical, emotional, or mental.

I work with moms who want to:

  • Feel GOOD throughout their pregnancy, in their bodies, and with their decisions;

  • Feel prepared for the birth, the baby and motherhood emotionally, mentally and physically;

  • Feel completely heard and supported from pregnancy through motherhood;

  • Feel empowered by their choices, no matter what is going on around them.

I also work with babies to:

  • Support the developmental flow in the first year of life;

  • Resolve birth trauma, and prevent nursing and other structural difficulties, within the first few hours of life, and throughout the first years;

  • Give them the BEST foundation for the rest of their lives;

  • Guide parents through the ups and downs, the million decisions they have to make, and be a constant support throughout the first years.


How do I do all that?

  • I use all my skills in mind-body-medicine, infant development parent coaching, and craniosacral fascial therapy, and tailor each session to your needs.

  • I learned how to directly communicate with your body to uncover all the stories underlying the symptoms or pain you are experiencing, to get to the root of the issue, and resolve it. Without medication or other interventions.

  • I learned how to help your body dissolve pain patterns and trauma.

  • And the best part? You don’t need to know the answers. Your body knows. Your body is talking to you all the time. I am your interpreter.

  • Your job? Relax and let your body guide the process. It’s easy, even fun, and most certainly relaxing.

  • The results? Pain, issues, problems - resolved. Either on the spot, reduced over time, and frequently gone forever.



What does it look like to work with me?

Working with me is likely the easiest thing you can do. All it takes is for you to say "yes!" to your body's intelligence for healing and schedule a free consult.

Once you are ready to let your body's intelligence lead the way, amazing things can happen.


On the free consult we'll go over your current situation, what you'd like to see change, and explore how we might work together to make it happen.

The work itself is gentle yet profound, and actually fun! 

If you are coming in to my office we will spend a few minutes at the beginning of each session to check in. Then you will lay down on my massage table fully clothed (and on cold days you can snuggle under my cozy blanket). Guiding us throughout the session is your body. The way I tap into it is through neuromuscular biofeedback, which is a fancy way to say muscle testing, using your wrist. Many people like to close their eyes and deeply relax as I share what your body is bringing up. Though on many occasions there is plenty of laughter to keep us entertained through the work. Did you know that your body had a really good sense of humor?! 

The implementation of the work we do in each session is done with light tapping techniques to help the body integrate the work.

Often there are "homework assignments" that your body will ask you to do after a session. Those are usually easy and help to propel your healing exponentially, so they are important to complete. That's how you show your body you mean business and are serious about making lasting change.

If we are working over the phone or video call everything is the same except for the massage table and the muscle testing. I will ask you to find a quiet comfortable place where you can sit back or lay down and won't be interrupted. Instead of muscle testing your wrist I will muscle test on myself as a surrogate for you, and I may ask you to help with the tap out at the end. The results are the same and you get to rest (many people like to take a nap, which is very helpful) after the session. How amazing would that feel??

If you want to learn more check out the FAQs.



I'm continuously seeking and training in new modalities (which is another word for methods) so I can address all the issues my clients want to resolve. 

I take all these methods and blend them for each individual client's needs, so no two sessions look alike! It's truly customized, every single session.


I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) since 2013.

BodyTalk is a robust system that allows us to find the stories behind the symptoms. It gets to the core of issues and effectively addresses them.

"As WholeHealthcare™, BodyTalk understands the profound influence the psychology of the body has on our health. Instead of focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing the whole-person and their whole-story."

BodyTalk "respects the body's own needs and determines your body's priorities for healing. Then with the use of a variety of non-invasive techniques, BodyTalkers refocus your body's natural healing response to establish better communication within the body." (Quoted from the IBA website)

I find that this modality is very powerful when dealing with life changes, fears, general health issues and unexplained symptoms.

It is also very effective, and usually very quick, in resolving these issues with babies and young children. 

It is the container to all the other modalities I practice and turbo charges their effectiveness.

More about BodyTalk here

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy

I completed the CFT training in 2015.

Craniosacral therapy was one of the great scientific discoveries of the twentieth century. Dr. William Sutherland found that the brain and spinal cord have a slight gentle motion, which has a profound effect on how the central nervous system works. 

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) adds the critical aspects of fascia and dental issues to his work. The fascia is a full body connective tissue web that can apply tremendous pressure to the nerves, muscles, organs, and bones. 

The power of CFT revolves around the integration of gentle hands-on procedures to remove that pressure without drugs, vitamins, supplements, technology, or surgery. A freely moving brain and unrestricted fascia are a must for all newborns, children, and adults. 

More about CFT here

Infant Development

I am a certified Infant Development Parent Coach, trained by the Step-Ahead College in Israel, since 2009.

This approach to infant development is based on the principles of Feldenkrais and see the baby and its environment as a whole. It emphasizes the universal flow of development and in its core is the empowerment of parents to be the experts for their own children. This is done by directly teaching them the principles, the practical tools and exercises to practice at home.

More about First-Step here

Trainings & Other Modalities

Principles of Consciousness


Macrocosmic Bodymind

Matrix Dynamics

Structural Integration

Visceral Dynamics

San Baio Acupressure

Geopathic Stress

Access Bars

Emotion Code

Coming soon... Source Point

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As a result of pandemic regulations my office is indefinitely closed. I do offer remote sessions in small windows of time while my 2 young kids are home.

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