When was the last time you felt really heard? I mean REALLY heard.

A very common conversation on my treatment table is about being heard.

No matter if the person on my table is a man, woman or baby.

Clients comment, again and again, how they finally feel like they are bei...

I am SO excited and delighted to share my first ever radio interview with you!

Listen for an in-depth conversation on why I'm focused on peace, how it interweaves into my work, and perhaps glean some nuggets for your own life. 

Here's a quote from the interview:

"World pe...

I can imagine your thoughts.

“So this lady, who claims to help people truly heal and get rid of symptoms once and for all, what happens in her life? Does she and her family never experience any problems?

No one gets sick or injured? What’s the deal??”

I totally hear you.


Have you had this experience where a message you need to hear keeps coming to you over and over from different sources?

That’s been happening to me! 

The repeated message I kept hearing is that people were not sure what it is that I actually do and why they should give i...

Have you ever needed to step out of your comfort zone? 

Do something that scares you to the core, but you KNOW you have to do it? 

That’s where I am these days. 

I was invited to be interviewed on an internet radio show by a wonderful Deep Clarity Coach, Transition Traine...

I hope you had a most wonderful holiday season and a great start to 2019!
Did you feel the energy drop around the New Year? Maybe it was just in my mind. Maybe it was the culmination of the busy holiday season, the extra time with the kids at home, or, for me, the fact...

Last week I wrote about the hurdle of needing to explain what I do (which I’m sure you have to as well, at least on some level). Another layer of this is all the misconceptions floating around about mind body medicine. 
Do you believe that one has to completely abandon...