BodyTalk Access is for everyone!

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What Students Are Saying

“Dafna! Oh my gosh! Access is amazing!

The other night [my daghter] had growing pains in her legs and I’m away from home and didn’t have any Motrin. She tried to fall back asleep for a few hours and ended up crying because it hurt so bad. I did the rescue treatment on her and she was pain free within 10 min and was able to fall back asleep!”


Why BodyTalk Access for Doulas, Midwives & Birthworkers?

Doulas, midwives, and all birthworkers have the unique opportunity to help women and newborns in a meaningful way right during the birth, in preparation for birth, or healing from birth.

I believe that in order to raise an incredible generation of compassionate, positive, empathetic, and self-assured people, that will propel our world to the better, we have to start at (or before) birth.

That's why I am so passionate about equipping you with these incredible and simple tools.


In this one day class, you will learn 5 powerful techniques to:

  • Lower stress

  • Balance the brain

  • Normalize the immune system

  • Realign the body

  • Relax muscle tension

  • As well as a miracle first aid technique for minor injuries: cuts, burns, sprains, bleeding, bites, pain, and more!


These techniques are elegant, powerful and very simple to learn.

If all women, and babies, get this process in preparation, during, and after birth, we may be able to nip some issues in the bud and provide much needed emotional support if the mom or baby are stressed at any point.


Imagine normalizing a baby's immune system right after birth.

And relaxing tension patterns the baby might be holding from the womb or delivery. Or the mom's body is holding from carrying a baby for 9 months.

Just think of the possibilities!

Why BodyTalk Access for Moms?

As a result of pandemic regulations my office is indefinitely closed. I do offer remote sessions in small windows of time while my 2 young kids are home.

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