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Are you trying to get pregnant but have concerns around it?
Struggling with pregnancy symptoms or scared to give birth?


Whether you are looking for something to complement the work you are already doing, or just starting to look for strategies, my work is an incredible solution in and of itself. It can be very powerful when combined with other modalities, therapies, and approaches. There is a lot of flexibility and openness in the modalities I use, and they are perfect for fertility all the way to birth and beyond.


It's about providing true care and support consistently throughout the journey of bringing a new life into this world.

It is my mission to help women and couples have a smooth ride through this life-changing roller coaster. From embracing the idea of becoming parents, through the thick and thin of emotional and physical issues that come along. Let's do this together!


What am I, what am I not..

I am not a doctor, so you must have your own OB or midwife.

I am not an acupuncturist. Acupuncture is incredibly helpful but still uses the symptom management model, so sometimes is not enough to get to the bottom of things.

I am not a doula. Doulas are indispensable when it comes to labor and delivery. They are there with you throughout this incredible time. They can prepare you for birth with comfort measures and give you a bucketful of information about the process and ways to manage it all.


I am a BodyTalker, Craniosacral Fascia Therapy provider, and Infant Development Parent Coach. I can work with you on a regular basis during pregnancy to address your pregnancy symptoms, discomforts or (sometimes extreme) fears that can come up. I am there throughout the journey and help the preparation of your mind and body for birthing.


From my own experience working with a doula and midwife through both my pregnancies, I found that although they were extremely helpful, they were only able to address my concerns and fears to a point. With a birth doula, you meet a couple of times before the day itself. That wasn't satisfactory to me. I wanted my symptoms addressed, my fears to subside, and my body to respond favorably to carrying and birthing a baby.


I loved my acupuncturist and the treatments I got through my first pregnancy. I happened to have a very knowledgeable and warm acupuncturist, but when the extreme fear of giving birth hit me at 6 months, nothing really helped with that. I just had to ride the wave, because, as you know, there is no way back. By the time I was pregnant for the second time I had BodyTalk. That changed the whole picture. In my sessions, I felt that my symptoms were addressed. My body was able to resolve nausea by highlighting a disconnect between the saliva glands in the mouth and the pancreas. The annoying discomfort and symptoms that come with accommodating a growing person in your body were addressed. The need to get up 6-7 times a night to pee was addressed by energetically moving the intestines off of the bladder. Even my extreme fear of giving birth, that came up around the same time during this second pregnancy, was resolved very quickly in one session. I have no idea how (because I fell asleep) but I remember driving home and realizing that the fear is no longer there. So freeing!


I am also there to prepare you for your baby on an emotional and practical level. It's like a missing piece of parenting. Most parents actually regret not learning much (or anything at all) about the little being that is about to join their family. Getting this knowledge now can make the first weeks and months magical instead of stressful.


Being an Infant Development Parent Coach for years before having my own children gives me a lot of perspectives. Before becoming a parent myself I was very idealistic about babies and parenting. Having my own kids taught me a lot. Now I know that there are a few KEY components to healthy development that if you know then before your child is born, or shortly after, you are HUGELY ahead of the game. I'm a big advocate for giving parents simple tools and principles they can use from day one to ensure their baby is off to the best start in life. That's what I want to offer to you.


I am also concerned with the way you heal from delivery. Many women are disappointed with their birth experience, the way their body has changed, and many times experience strange and very uncomfortable symptoms that in the mainstream modalities are not addressed at all. I want to make sure you feel more like yourself as soon as possible, and make this huge transition into being a little person's mother as positive as possible.


After my first pregnancy, I literally bounced back within days. I looked and felt great! Only to watch my belly relax back into a pregnant-looking pooch 6 weeks later. I felt betrayed by my body, but luckily had the wonderful cocktail of happy hormones from breastfeeding and bonding with my baby boy. And I just let that go. Come the birth of my daughter, I could not lay on my stomach for months postpartum. No answers from my midwife or doula. I happened to get a BodyTalk session from my Visceral Dynamics instructor and he was able to resolve that in about 10 minutes. There were some major adhesions between the intestines and uterus and that general abdominal area from my post-birth experience, which was pretty traumatic physically and emotionally. That gave me a great passion to help other women regain their healthy bodies after baby. We deserve it.


Take the next step and take care of you!


Or maybe you're thinking:

For Baby​

Did you know that most parents feel completely unprepared for baby after birth? Parents-to-be spend hours and hours preparing for labor and delivery (which is great of course) and probably 10 minutes reading up on what babies need. Most of which is what marketers want parents to buy because "babies can't sleep without this product" and "can't get around without that product". So we are left to figure it out on our own and encounter way more frustrations than we need.


There is unexplained crying, sleep issues, are they hitting their milestones, are they allergic to something, are they mad, anxious, many questions with no clear answers.


Let's not forget the most controversial issue of our day - forced vaccination in the United States. Where do you get the real information? Does your pediatrician have the latest information? Who do you believe? Who do you trust to tell you the truth? What in the name of God will you decide for your own baby? This is just way too much responsibility to carry.


If you're lucky, you're reading this before baby is here and can get your information now.

If baby is already here, it is not too late. You can always learn what you can do as a parent to best support your child's development and provide them with the care that will bring them the best health and well being.


My passion is to see babies thrive. I believe that we can raise our children to be happy, confident, and secure people with a positive force in the world. And I believe it starts even before day 1. 


What if you could have the KEY to infant development? What if you were the expert your child needs? This is what I am offering to you. I want to give you the core principles and tools to be the most effective parent.  As parents, we need to work on our own inner issues, so we can be available to guide and contain our kids' emotions, attitudes, and thoughts. Put yourself in the picture and be willing to deal with your own heart, head and body issues and heal yourself first. Otherwise, you will likely just turn into your parents, and most people don't really like that idea...


But what if there's a health concern, like eczema, allergies, etc. Believe it or not, sometimes physical issues have to do more with the parent than with the child. When I work with a baby, I always bring the parents in and work on the whole. I found that trying to solely work on a child does not bring the best results. A baby doesn't even know it is separate from you, so how can we address him without you?


Mild developmental issues can be addressed quickly with pinpointed movement patterns you can reinforce at home.

Many health issues for babies have to do with stress, trauma, microbiome imbalances, and vaccines.

I have tools to address the full spectrum. 


With my own children, who are now 5 and 2 years old, I have utilized all of my tools and therapies.

Both hit all their milestones, both were walking unassisted at 1 yr or 9 months, they have a secure attachment, are confident in their bodies, happy and social. 

Neither child has ever had a round of antibiotics and very rarely taken over-the-counter medication. My 5-year-old has had two sick visits in his life, a strep throat infection that cleared in 3 days, and what we thought was pink-eye but was only a cold. My 2-year-old has yet to have a sick visit, and only missed schooldays twice due to high fever (both were after receiving vaccines).


What am I, what am I not..

I am not a pediatrician. I am not a massage therapist. 

I am an Infant Development Parent Coach, a BodyTalker and Craniosacral Fascia Therapy provider. These three things are like having a superpower. I can help you decode what is behind your baby's behavior or symptoms; I can educate you in what will support optimal development and prevent future problems; I can help you support your baby's system through vaccination; I can work with your baby's system to unwind and clear any traumas they experienced in utero, during labor and birth or if they had a difficult start to life.


This work is incredible in and of itself and is also powerful when combined with other modalities.


The ideal way for us to work together is to start from pregnancy or before. Then, I would see your child as close to the birth as possible, to help her system release any tension or trauma from the birth itself. Then we will evaluate if and how often we might want to continue sessions. Most babies can greatly benefit from bi-weekly sessions (every two weeks) at first, then reduce to once a month, and then once every 3 months or so. It all depends on the individual baby and family. The great thing is that I utilize BodyTalk, which is a priority based system, and I will check with your body for follow up priorities.


No matter where you are on this journey now is the best time to start.


Take the first step!


Or maybe you're thinking:

As a result of pandemic regulations my office is indefinitely closed. I do offer remote sessions in small windows of time while my 2 young kids are home.

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