An Invitation

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

This week I have a simple invitation for you.

Almost exactly a year ago, I started my first Facebook group specifically around infant development.

I’ve ooh’d and ahh’d about starting a group for YEARS.

Wayyyy over thinking the idea.

Then I finally clicked some buttons and made it happen!

It’s currently a small and sweet group, and I am looking to grow it even more.

I’m also broadening the scope of the group to include pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, and of course, mind-body-medicine.

My experience working with babies and mamas is a decade long and I have lots to share!

Moms (and dads and whoever else cares for or works with babies) are invited to share their questions in written or video form.

It is a closed group, so no one outside the group can see their stuff.

They will get my personal attention and honest professional response.

This may not apply to you directly, but I bet you know a parent or two (or someone expecting) who could use an information hub like this, with direct access to an infant development specialist!

This group is not for everyone. If your friends/family are very much into conventional medicine this may not be for them.

I am fostering an open minded policy in the group, where it is safe to talk about sensitive topics and NO ONE gets scolded for having an opinion.

Parenting is hard enough. We need support. Not finger pointing.

Back to the cute stuff: The group is getting a bit of a facelift with a new name and banner!

It used to be...

(Yup, that's my son when he was a babe!)

Now it is...

Don't be shy, let me know what you think!

Please share this with any parent, parent-to-be, or birth/early parenting professional.

It takes a village. And I argue, it takes a global village.

I would love if you could help me grow my vision.

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