Creating a Team

I can imagine your thoughts.

“So this lady, who claims to help people truly heal and get rid of symptoms once and for all, what happens in her life? Does she and her family never experience any problems? No one gets sick or injured? What’s the deal??”

I totally hear you.

Great questions!

Let me assure you - between perfect and me there’s a vast ocean.

My husband and my kids are amazing, but we do get on each other’s nerves, challenge each other’s patience, and darn right piss each other off from time to time (ok, sometimes daily, depending on stress levels).

We do get sick, but we tend to get over illnesses pretty darn quickly.

We do get injured, but we tend to heal super quickly (most of the time within minutes) depending on how on top of it we are, and reach out to our team of experts as soon as possible.

Speaking of a team of experts, this is what I believe we all need in our lives.

A team of trusted practitioners, providers, and experts that we can reach out to at any time.

My team is full of alternative medicine and energy medicine practitioners (BodyTalk, acupuncture, homeopathy, CFT, NAET, etc - and I have a standing weekly session with an amazing BodyTalker!), essential oils experts, a wonderful pediatrician, access to excellent healthcare and emergency care, parenting coaches, even a therapist at times, and really good friends who will listen without judgement.

That is the key. It’s your team.

No one person or one expert can be/know/do everything. I don’t claim to, nor would I want to be being/doing everything. I do what I do and I’m great at it.

What I love most is being part of your team!

I am passionate and motivated to be a constant in your wellness practice. And it is a practice.

I love seeing clients facing their stress and pain with such elegance when they come to sessions regularly.

It’s awe inspiring and humbling to witness.

I see clients releasing deep pain, sometimes completely hidden pain, once they let their guard down and just allow the body to take the lead. Or finally connecting the dots of their past experiences and what’s happening in their lives or bodies now.

There are some profound AHA! moments in sessions.

And I see clients consistently leaving my office (or getting off the phone with me) so much brighter and lighter, now that they no longer carry this load they didn’t even know they were carrying, but was causing them so much pain.

The side effects of our work together are that their symptoms shift, resolve, and even disappear, because they no longer have a leg to stand on (or basis to exist).

So yes, I am FAR from perfect. I just know I have an amazing team, and I reach out to them as soon as I realize I need any kind of help. It’s empowering, relieving, and just awesome.

If you don’t have a team - create one. I’d love to be your first team member!

So much love,


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As a result of pandemic regulations my office is indefinitely closed. I do offer remote sessions in small windows of time while my 2 young kids are home.

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