Cultivating Peace Radio Interview

I am SO excited and delighted to share my first ever radio interview with you!

Listen for an in-depth conversation on why I'm focused on peace, how it interweaves into my work, and perhaps glean some nuggets for your own life. 

Here's a quote from the interview:

"World peace really does start with internal peace. We hear it all the time and it's kind of a cliche, but I believe it's true. When we have peace internally, when we can talk to ourselves nicely and just accept ourselves a little bit more, it spills over. Then our person to person communication and energy is more peaceful. Then it can go on and on.

My main thought is that we can stand to be a little more self involved, which is something we're taught is not good, and a lot less other involved (where we try to exert power and control over other). We can be more gentle with ourselves and with others, understanding that people have different opinions, perspectives and values, and it's okay to have different opinions, perspectives and values, and we can still be friends."

Listen here

I would LOVE to get your thoughts after you listen!

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Carol McClelland Fields is a wonderful interviewer, Deep Clarity Coach, Transition Trainer, and Change Catalyst. 

I highly recommend looking into her work at Flourish as a Change Catalyst and Change Catalysts at the Growing Edge Radio Show.

So much love,


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