Falling in Love

I hear this question a lot: Why do you do what you do?

For me it was falling in love.

I know my husband is going to read this. Sorry love, this is not about you. This is about BodyTalk. I love that you read my blogs! 馃拫馃拫

Throughout my life I was exposed to alternative and energy medicine here and there.

My mom took me to see a homeopath when it wasn鈥檛 hip, and we learned Reiki together. I may have seen an acupuncturist here and there, and that was about it.

As an adult I had a few really bad experiences with the medical system where I felt completely unheard and definitely not taken seriously.

I was about to have a child and really worried about raising a healthy child with that kind of system in place, and I was feeling powerless.

Enter BodyTalk. When my son was 5 months-old, an old college friend and I were reconnecting. She introduced me to BodyTalk and I was floored! I couldn鈥檛 believe such a thing existed. It was exactly what I was looking for without even realizing it.

A few months later I took the first training. It was the most amazing 4 days of my life!

3 and a half months of gulping this stuff up (learning and learning and practicing and practicing) I completed all the required certification steps and I was a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner!

This was about 6 years ago. Most of these 6 years have been dedicated to deepening my learning, broadening my skills, and solidifying my practice. You can see a partial list of my trainings at the bottom of this page.

Not long after being certified, my son went into a new preschool. All of a sudden, my super calm and chill child turned into a hot mess at every drop off. Crying, screaming, holding on to my neck for dear life. It was extreme.

We tried parenting techniques, we prepared him mentally, we tried everything we could think of, and nothing made any difference.

Then I told my husband that we鈥檙e going to a BodyTalk session and he鈥檚 going to be the surrogate for our son. And we did.

At the appointment my son and I were in the lobby. I was letting him roam around and just made sure he was safe.

One of my awesome colleagues, Vanessa Wright, was working on my husband in the other room.

During the session our son was letting out those super adorable, and never heard before or since, melodic squeals over and over. That was a clear indication to me that something was clearing!

The next day at drop off - no screaming!! No tears!

By the end of the week - no issues whatsoever at drop off!

He was my chill little boy again.

Holy cannoli, was I even deeper in love with BodyTalk at that point!

As a new mom, knowing I have some BodyTalk skills (which I teach in a one day class) and that there are amazing practitioners who can work on my children, gave me so much peace of mind.

Being able to work on a pre-verbal toddler, or young child who cannot really express what鈥檚 going on for them, in such an elegant way is so incredible! Don鈥檛 you think?

If you do, share this story with someone who could use this kind of comfort.

P.s. TheMamaAcademy鈩笍 beta group invite is almost ready. I am so excited!!

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As a result of pandemic regulations my office is indefinitely closed. I do offer remote sessions in small windows of time while my 2 young kids are home.

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