Happy Babies - The Sequel!

You may remember me mentioning the infant training last weekend...


I came out of this training renewed in my mission to support moms and babies in an even deeper way!

I will let the creator of CFT do the talking.

This is the first page in the infant training manual, and it cannot be more perfectly descriptive.

The Gillespie Approach / CFT Infant Philosophy

This work is sacred. A voiceless and powerless human being is dependent on us to dramatically change their life. This responsibility is humbling. The basic premise of CFT is rooted

in Dr. Andrew Still’s basic osteopathic principle that the body knows best how to heal itself in space and time.

Our objective is to facilitate healing by allowing the infant to drive the movement.

The Gillespie Approach is about listening. We do not fix, adjust, manipulate, control, or cure the body. We listen to the craniosacral fascial strain patterns in the infant. Our intuition guides us in therapy. Before treating we need to breath, ground, and connect to Source. We need to be clear and present, leaving our agenda aside. No judgement is made. We need to be completely present in therapy but not attached to the outcome.

Our therapeutic goal is to mitigate the effects of any birth trauma that may have restricted the craniosacral fascial system. We believe that people do not have to suffer their whole lives because they had a difficult in utero/labor/delivery experience. Our mission is to restore optimal function to craniosacral fascial system so that every baby can have a happier and healthier life. Thank you for joining us on this magnificent journey.

Dr. Barry Gillespie Philadelphia, USA

Wouldn’t you want this work as you enter this world??

I believe this information needs to be shared far and wide!

Who do you know who could use this?

I would love it if you shared it with them!

Videos of Dafna in action!

Here you can see me following the baby’s body and how beautifully he unwinds.

Sometimes when we identify a strain pattern there can be crying. Notice how quickly baby stops crying as soon as the strain is released.

*Videos shared with permission.

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