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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

On a daily basis at least one of my clients ends up laughing out loud!

Not because I'm so hilarious, but because our bodies have a really good sense of humor.

Often, even with all the symptoms and emotional or physical discomfort, our complex bodies still hold a certain amount of wit and humor.

At times, I find that our job is to keep an open mind, suspend the seriousness of what we're experiencing, and let our bodies lead the way with a light heart. It's all a part of a much larger picture that we just couldn't see before.

With that in mind, here are 3 short stories from my clinic...


UTI & Anger:

One of my longtime clients came in with a sudden and unexplained appearance of a UTI.

In our culture we just want to get rid of this nuisance and move on.

What we don’t realize is that this is a golden opportunity to learn something about ourselves.

In this instance the infection was all about suppressed anger!

This is a strong, creative, and pretty amazing woman doing important work in the world. But even at home she was still ‘working’, making sure not to let any anger or frustration out on her loved ones. It’s quite a noble thing to do, but even with all the great techniques she uses to deal with anger it was still affecting her body. Her body wanted to EXPRESS this bottled up, seemingly dealt-with, anger. Since she wasn’t doing it, her body was doing it for her.

The only way the body can do this is to create pain, infections, or issues that we cannot ignore!

This client may still need to take the normal course of antibiotics (I do not make these decisions for my clients), but now she knows what is going on in her body and can do something about it (express that anger!), so repeated infections will not become her new normal.

How powerful is that?!


Psoriasis and religion:

Another one of my clients mentioned that the psoriasis she has had for most of her life still flares up at times. She thought we might just try to calm her system down around it, but what came up was so profound we were in awe and laughing out loud.

Remember that sense of humor I mentioned? In this incredible woman’s session we learned that her body is still holding on to very early experiences of religious indoctrination. These left her believing she was not worthy on many levels including the mere fact that she’s a woman. The tissues in her body were still holding on to this early programming even though she’s left that religion years ago and has done a ton of work to deprogram herself.

This belief held in the tissues that “I’m not worthy” created a fertile ground for some kind of pathogen to linger in her body undetected and irritate patches of her skin whenever it liked.

Her skin was markedly improved following that session.

She also reported feeling happier and free-er after that session and like we dealt with a core issue that has been running her life for years.

All because her psoriasis flared up.


Touch sensitivity:

Yet another one of my longtime clients reported heightened sensitivity to touch on her abdomen to the point that it would completely freak her out if anyone touched her tummy, including her husband and herself!

This amazing, active and super fit woman had a tummy tuck many years ago, and had done a lot of energetic and holistic work, yet this weird sensitivity was still there and the scar area was still numb.

During her first session we completed some energetic work around the site of the surgical scar.

For her second session, she came into my office so we could work directly on the scar. As we worked she noticed a difference in how that whole area felt. It was releasing and sensation was coming back!

Her husband was in the room with us and he put his hand on her tummy. She turned to me with eyes wide open and said “It doesn’t freak me out!”.

This was almost a year ago. I asked her this week and she said she completely forgot about the years and years this was an issue, because it’s not a thing anymore! Yay!


I love my clients and the amazing things their bodies tell us!

In conclusion, bodies are kick-ass incredible, aren’t they? 

They have a sense of humor that’s not always pleasant, and they can completely heal themselves in really profound ways.

We just need to listen and give them a chance.

How can you listen to your body better?

If you need help to be a better listener, I’m here for you.

So much love,


PS. I would love if each of you shared these stories with one person you know who would appreciate this inspiration! 

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