You may have plans...but your body rules the show

Has this ever happened to you? You make a plan to go on vacation, work on a project, or just chill in the sun for a day, but your body has completely different plans for you?

Yup, this just happened to me this past weekend. I had grand plans to enjoy my family over the weekend and then launch into a project on Monday.

My body completely vetoed it. Like, completely. Instead of all that, I had to sleep, for 2 days. And there was nothing I could do about it.

Let me give you the context. I’ve been pushing myself for months. In this do-do-do mode trying to make things happen. Mind you, you know what I do for a living, so I was trying to be gentle with myself through the pushing so I wouldn’t crash and burn.

Guess what? Whatever I was doing did not cut it! And boy, my body made it crystal clear. After a month of trying to nip a cold in the bud, thinking I was successful, I fell flat on my proverbial face. Completely out of commission. Goodbye lovely plans, hello pillow.

Moral of the story: when we don’t listen to what our bodies have to say (in my case it was “Stop trying to do it all, you crazy lady!”) our bodies will make us listen. It’ll start with little things here and there. Maybe a stubborn illness, back pain, or stiffness.

Then it will get louder and louder. The symptoms will incapacitate you in some way (like making you sleep for 2 days) or worse, and then off to battle you go, working really hard to conquer your body’s reactions.

I say, give up before the big fight. Choose peace by being proactive. Go to someone who can interpret what your body is trying to say. Get out of the prescription pill or diagnosis game before it even starts.

Call a body translator. I finally did (once I could pick up my phone) and it made a world of difference!

I would love to help translate your symptoms! Then we do the work of clearing the underlying causes. Then the relief can come.

So there you have it, my friend. I am with you in the trenches, still learning to listen to my own body and failing every once in a while.

May we all be proactive on the path towards peace, starting today!

So much love, Dafna

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