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"Dafna was recommended to me for my two young kids by another BodyTalk practitioner. After a few sessions for my kids, I got sessions for myself because I loved Dafna's gentle and caring presence and I saw real and immediate shifts after her sessions. I appreciated that she followed up after a session and made herself available for questions. I also appreciated her timely response to request for sessions. With two small children, illness and accidents spring up at the last minute and I feel like Dafna is someone I can count on."


—  H, Berkeley, CA

"Dafna has a calming presence and ability to tune me into my truth. She quietly and patiently asks questions and follows threads of information. In one session she tied together two broken family relationships and an illness and gave me practical and magical action items. During the session (via video), I felt energetically connected to Dafna and calmer for days after we spoke."


— Lisa Honold, Seattle, WA

“Wow. How is that every session you are able to articulate EXACTLY how I'm feeling even though I'm not even aware of it?

Damn I love BodyTalk. And you! 💜🦄✨”


— Stacy Weinstein

" At 10 months old, my daughter still couldn’t sit up from lying down on her back or on her stomach. Needless to say I was concerned, but then I met Dafna, and from the start she treated us like old friends. Dafna took charge of the situation in a very caring and sensitive way. She was very patient with my daughter’s character and pace, and took the time to explain the different exercises and methods she was using. I must admit it was very hard for me to hear my daughter’s repeated protests during her sessions with Dafna and not act upon them. Yet it was all water under the bridge when two months later my daughter is not only sitting up, but crawling all over the house. She is a lot more active, lively, smiling and not afraid of taking the next step by trying to stand up… Dafna, thank you so much! We could not have done this without you! "


—  R, Sunnyvale, CA

“I’ve been seeing Dafna for a couple of month now. Dafna introduced me to The BodyTalk system. Since we started working together I am witnessing changes in my life. Dafna talks with my body, I feel connected with my body again, I see clearer. Dafna holds space for me and stays very present during the session, which allows the both of us to connect with my body. To understand the source of the pain. New emotions and positive changes appear as we work together. Areas that were blocked are starting to shift, and it feels great! I HIGHLY recommend!!”

—  Amit Shoval

"Dafna thank you.

The session is So completely in alignment.

I have listened to it twice so far.

And will listen again.

I don't have questions because everything is exactly right on, everything.

I am deeply deeply grateful for your insight and talent. ❤️"

—  Kamryn Casady

“WOAH. that session!!


It was completely spot on. How the heck can you see this level of detail that I can't even articulate or register?! Amazing 💓🙏🏻👌🏻🔮🦄


— Stacy Weinstein

Since I moved to the USA a few years ago, and with the birth of our second child, we have been struggling to bring harmony into our family. I was a bit hesitant to do an online session because I am more of a face to face person, but I really loved the sessions with Dafna. She is very intuitive, and knowledgeable about parenting. It was great to understand that the issues were settled into our family energetic field due to our move to the States. She cleared all of it with some distance energy work. When I got home that day, my boys had been collaborating together on a piece of art (with no fights!) that said: "Dad is the best". Unbelievable! I would recommend anybody who has a family to work with Dafna. She can totally support and guide you towards a more harmonious family."


— ​ Victor Barreda Pazos

“I met Dafna at a birthworkers networking meeting and immediately enjoyed her sweet smile and sunny disposition. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a CFT session with her, but knew from the moment I walked into her peaceful office I would be transformed. And I was. Unlike massage, where I often think, “Will I like the music? Will I have to tell them what feels good, what doesn’t” it is Dafna that knows what is best for you and your body.

When the session was over I felt as though I had a full night’s sleep with no interruptions. My mind was clear of all worries and my body felt restored. I highly recommend Dafna and her services. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

— Debra Brender RN, IBCLC

"When I left your office suite this afternoon, I felt so light on my feet that if I could have started skipping, I would have needed a parachute!  


Thank you for a meaningful session since I had been struggling with the question of my own life meaning and purpose. When I read my homework assignment, I thought to myself that YOU REALLY UNDERSTAND."

“Dafna! Oh my gosh!

Access is amazing!

The other night Sophie had growing pains in her legs and I’m away from home and didn’t have any Motrin.

She tried to fall back asleep for a few hours and ended up crying because it hurt so bad. I did the rescue treatment on her and she was pain free within 10 min and was able to fall back asleep!”

— Carrey Ward, Doula and Childbirth Educator

"I took the infant development class at Carmel Blue yesterday. It was amazing. And I'm not the only one who loved it-- Johnny, my 5 month old was all smiles the entire time.

I've taken a good number of developmental play, baby yoga, and baby massage type classes around the city. Dafna's class was by far the best I've taken. She was wonderful to work with, Johnny loved it, and in a short hour and half class we learned a ton of playtime activities that will move him forward developmentally. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable but warm and caring with the babies, and great with the moms too. I can't say enough positive things about Dafna."

At this point in my journey, 2 years later, my sessions have uncovered and released a many negative belief systems that my body had held on to and reinforced over the years. The results have been hugely positive.


I am joyful, active, and feel a sense of purpose in my life. The physical benefits have been fantastic, I feel physically balanced, and many of my issues have improved, including back pain, hip pain, issues with my feminine cycle, and an imbalance between my right and left sides.

— Amanda 

I saw Dafna for a table session while experiencing almost debilitating menstrual cramps. She worked on me physically and energetically. The cramps went away almost immediately and never returned during that cycle. That was 4 months ago and they have never returned like they were before I saw Dafna. Now I rarely/never have cramps. I don’t live in San Jose, but if they come back - I’m traveling to see Dafna.


— Amber 

Before he started bodytalk, my son was extremely wild, and he struggled with personal boundaries, ADHD, and violent impulsive behaviors at school. His bodytalk sessions have helped him understand himself a little better, and given me a lot of insight in how to parent him. He is far more balanced emotionally and physically, and hasn't had any issues at school for months!

— Amanda 

I just recently ended a 4 session course with 3 other moms and babies and enjoyed it so much! I now feel much more confident with how to help and encourage my 6 month with his development.


Dafna was amazing and so helpful! Even Though our babies weren't always cooperative, and sometimes fell asleep or needed to be fed, she always had lots of patience and was very understanding. This class was very helpful for me and most important - a lovely quality time with my small one!

— Natalie 

As a result of pandemic regulations my office is indefinitely closed. I do offer remote sessions in small windows of time while my 2 young kids are home.

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