The Mom Sessions

Get your Mama-Bliss ON!

Unplug for a moment, recharge your mama batteries, come back renewed.

Weekly, receive and enjoy, group sessions for all moms, everywhere!

In The Mom Sessions, you'll get to plug in to a group of other incredible moms, dealing with the challenges, ups and downs, and little moments of joy, of raising children.


This program will run for 6 weeks, starting right after Mother's Day, May 16, until June 20.

Ideal for moms with small children, but great for all moms.


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Wonderful to get for yourself, you best mama-friends, or partner.

And for all you dads our there, it's a great gift for the wife!

As we all know, Happy Wife, Happy Life...

Meaning, when the woman of the house is relaxed and has some good self-care opportunities, everyone in her life benefits. Especially the person she shares a bed with!

Surprise your wife with this great program.

Or mom, surprise your husband with your new found mama-bliss.


Each week I will tune into the group, and work on the highest priorities present at that time, to benefit each and every member. The underlining guiding force through all these sessions is love in all its meanings. Loving our children, partner, and larger family, as well as loving ourselves and taking this time for some well deserved self-care.

I work with the BodyTalk system of mind-body medicine, so I get insight from your innate healing capability. There is no need for you to decide what to work on, and it's always surprising how on point the priorities that come up are! That said, I encourage and welcome you to send me your intentions for these sessions.

There is no set time for each weekly session. My life is as hectic as yours, and these sessions are meant to be relaxing and healing. Therefore I'm not adding any time-pressure on you or myself, aside for intending that these sessions to be in your inbox each Tuesday morning, during the 6 weeks.

You can listen to the sessions at your leisure. You can listen once, or many times. You will decide how much you need, and you will reap the benefits every time you listen and re-listen!

Listen to the raw, uncut, invitation to join me on The Mom Sessions

The Mom Sessions Invitation to All Moms! -
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"I felt so relaxed and focused after listening to this on the train. And I actually listen to this mindfulness course on the train and never feel the same way!"

"Thank you! I love these so much!! Every week has been exactly what I needed to hear and I love the subtle shifts I've felt. Group sessions (and YOU) are awesome! :)"

Ok, so you want to know how much it costs...

It's only $59 for the full 6 week program! 

There is no need to schedule anything. All sessions will be delivered to your inbox every Tuesday morning.

You'll be able to download them, and listen to them as many times as you want.

You'll get the benefit each and every time!

<<Get the Mother's Day Special>>
Purchase by May 13th, and get a BONUS SESSION delivered to your inbox by 12:00am, so you can listen to the session when you wake up, and start your Monther's Day with your mama bliss ON!!
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As a result of pandemic regulations my office is indefinitely closed. I do offer remote sessions in small windows of time while my 2 young kids are home.

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